Star Wars is awesome ✨


I provide a collection of media groups, each ordered for a specific purpose.

First Time Viewing

Skywalker Saga

Hype videos in recommended viewing order to include as many movies as possible in a single cohesive story:

A New Hope

The Empire Strikes Back

Attack of The Clones*

Revenge of the Sith

Return of The Jedi

‎*Attack of The Clones may seem a jarring choice but even the least attentive first-time viewers will recognise key characters and quickly become engaged given they already know where the story leads based on the prior two movies watched.

Journey to A New Hope

To experience the full significance of the original Star Wars movie:

(Movie+TV) The Clone Wars Animated Movie (then Series)

(Movie) Revenge of the Sith

(TV) Tales of the Empire (4)

(TV) The Bad Batch

(TV) Tales of the Empire (5-6)

(Game) Jedi: Fallen Order

(Fan edit) Kenobi: Trials of The Master**

(Game) Jedi: Survivor

(Movie) Solo

(Fan edit) Rebels: 4K HDR Cinematic TV CUT Remaster Project

[Rebels trailer]

(TV) Andor

(Movie) Rogue One

‎**The Kenobi fan edit is available here:


Finally - whilst watching A New Hope again - replace the scene between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader with this scene:

Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

The Wider Universe

Listed in chronological order, with some aforementioned content listed in brackets for context.

Pre Clone War

The Old Republic (6 Classic RPG-style stories hidden in an MMO)

The High Republic (great audiobooks especially!)

The Acolyte

Tales of the Jedi (1-4)

The Phantom Menace

Clone Wars

(Attack of the Clones)

Tales of the Jedi (5)

Clone Wars (2003)

^ Not canon but still worth watching as an interesting alternative - and much shorter - narrative to the 2008 series.

Tales of the Empire (1)

(Revenge of The Sith)

Tales of the Jedi (6)

Galactic Civil War

["Journey to A New Hope" as outlined above]

Tales of the Empire (2)

(A New Hope)

(The Empire Strikes Back)

(Return of the Jedi)

Post Galactic Civil War

(Game) Battlefront 2: Main Campaign (2017)

Tales of the Empire (3)

The Mandalorian (S01+S02)

(Fan edit) Boba Fett "Without a Tribe" & "The Name of Honor"

The Mandalorian (S03)


(Game) Battlefront 2: Resurrection Campaign (2017)

Disney's Sequel Trilogy

The Force Awakens

The Last Jedi

The Rise of Skywalker

Alternate reality


A collection of unrelated non-canon short stories, each by a different anime studio.


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